Effective December 15, 2012

Klaussner® Home Furnishings (“Klaussner”) has received requests from its dealers for permission to use copyrighted images of Klaussner, Comfort Design, and Enso products and their accompanying trademarks on the internet for retail sale and promotional purposes. Klaussner is pleased to license the use of copyrighted images and trademarks to its dealers upon the terms and conditions stated below.

  1. The license granted by this policy extends only to internet usage on a dealer’s own website of registered and unregistered trademarks and copyrighted images of Klaussner products.
  2. Klaussner reserves the right to limit or disallow the use of any of its trademarks and copyrighted images and to modify or terminate this license at any time.
  3. The trademarks and copyrighted images may be used by dealers only in connection with products supplied by Klaussner.
  4. The trademarks and copyrighted images may not be used at any time on any internet auction website.
  5. The trademarks and copyrighted images must be identified as being owned by Klaussner with a clearly visible statement that the site “displays trademarks and/or copyrighted images belonging to Klaussner Furniture Industries, Inc. and/or Klaussner Corporate Services, Inc. All goodwill from the use of such trademarks and copyrighted images shall inure to the benefit of Klaussner.
  6. No website with the Klaussner names (including, but not limited to Klaussner, Comfort Design, and Enso) in the URL may be registered or used by any dealer, and no dealer may use the Klaussner name to redirect users to its own website.

If any dealer fails to comply with the terms of this policy, Klaussner may, at its option, impose sanctions, up to and including termination, on any dealer found to be in violation of this policy.

This Policy has been adopted by Klaussner to prevent confusion by retail consumers (and prospective retail consumers), to protect the Klaussner brand and to support the distribution system established for Klaussner products. This Policy applies only to website or internet advertising featuring Klaussner products, and each dealer is free to establish the prices at which it sells Klaussner products.

This Policy is subject to change at any time by Klaussner in its sole discretion.

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